Improved technology means booking for travel is easier than ever

From smartphone apps to sites that offer discounted deals and bonus rewards, today’s travellers have a range of options at their fingertips. Yet, not all technology is equal. Corporate Traveller South Africa’s General Manager, Oz Desai, breaks down the ways travellers can benefit from using the correct tech.

1 Value means more than just low cost

Spending hours browsing unrelated booking sites in search of the best accommodation and lowest airfare may save a few rands but costs more in time. Additionally, booking fees can end up being double or triple, negating the low airfare. 

An online booking tool that allows users to log in and organise multiple aspects of a trip in one place saves both time and potential booking fees. Additionally, for business travellers, these tools can be customised to a company’s travel policy, allowing employees better options for flights and accommodation. For companies whose employees travel frequently, expert travel managers can optimise the efficiency of booking tools by using travel reporting to determine whether a company is able to benefit from advanced bookings or more flexible flights.

2 Details stored at the click of a button

From intricate travel policies at companies and complicated frequent flyer numbers to 13-digit passport numbers and confusing references, there is a lot to remember when booking a flight. 

The correct travel tool can provide peace of mind – and ease of use – by storing information such as passport details, frequent flyer numbers and more on the system. In addition, these tools automatically link to email systems and calendars to sync travel times and store references. Some tools even send friendly reminders in the form of an alarm so there’s no chance of missing a flight ever again.

3 Safety first

Businesses with employees that travel frequently are susceptible to travel risk as travel, after all, places people in unknown environments and unfamiliar situations. When safety and duty of care is a top priority, the right technology can play a huge role in preventing companies from coming under fire for negligence.

By booking travel through one central system, the travel manager within the company can alert travelling employees to ensure their visas are up to date, cancelled or delayed flights, and changes to airport policies and travel insurance. Plus, the travel manager will be able to access traveller tracking reports that pinpoint the locations of all travellers in an emergency.

4 Easing up on expenses

As budgets become smaller and purse strings are tightened, it’s important for individuals and businesses to keep on top of travel spending – without taking hours or days to make monetary decisions. Benchmark reporting for travel provides companies specifically with information on travellers’ spend and durations of trips. 

Corporate Traveller’s online booking tool YOUR.CT is a single platform that manages all aspects of travel, including reporting, from one dashboard. For more information on YOUR.CT, contact Corporate Traveller here.